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2023-03-31 12:10:12

An address delivered by the Headmistress Rev.Sr. Bukola Familade

On the occasion of the Cultural day Celebration, held on 31st March 2023

His Lordship Most Rev.Dr.Arogundade Jude, the Bishop of the Catholic

Diocese of Ondo and the Proprietor.

The Provincial leader of the sisters of St. Louis, Rev. Sr. Christiana Kure, Rev. Sr. Victoria Orifunmishe, the provincial Liaison person of Akure Area in absential Rev. Fathers and Rev. Sisters,

The P. T. A. Executive members,

Our most esteemed teachers, dear parents and beloved friends.

I welcome everyone to this occasion when we celebrate and showcase our different traditions and culture. We are delighted to have you join us celebrate our various cultures and languages. We want the pupils to understand the importance of their culture and teach them to be proud of their origin.

Culture is simply the characteristics and way of life of a particular group of people. Today St. Louis N/P School Owo will display five of the numerous cultures in Nigeria. We have Yoruba, Hausa/Fulani, Igbo, Owo and Edo /Delta.

The day proceed with the presentation of divers dishes waiting to whet the appetite of the tasting invited guests /parents where the pupils will explain the ingredients used in the preparation and the technique required to come up with such fascinating delicacies. The aroma from the foods could be perceived from half a mile away with some guests having to gulp down loads of mouth liquids in anticipation.

Cultural diversity is about creating equity, respect, and understanding that each of us comes from a specific culture which has its own history, language, norms, values, and beliefs. It is about inclusion. When we talk about cultural diversity in the world today, it encompasses many things - race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, and skills are just some examples.

Cultural diversity makes a community stronger

Cultural day is a special day set aside for the celebration of our rich and diverse cultures. It is usually marked in school as part of our termly events.

The cultural activities are a vital part of bringing children, young people and their families together as well as providing a means towards understanding and expressing feelings.

Culture as we know is the way that people live, and food, clothing, language and celebrations are all a part of culture. It is exciting to see the children dress all up in different attires-looking very elegant.

To drive home the cultural message of the event, palm wine, traditionally –prepared foods, local drinks and kolanuts among others have been prepared for.

Children who are well groomed in their culture are less likely to get involved in crimes.

Our various cultures in Nigeria are not only very rich, but are also full of moral lessons that are supposed to serve as a moral guide to the young ones. That is why as a school and as parents, we must all join hands to promote the values of our native culture. Parents must strive to nurture and preserve such aspects of our culture as the mother tongue, dressing, food and sense of fashion.

The celebration is aim to educate the pupils on their culture, values and activities i.e. how to greet elders in their local dialect, how to prepare some of their local dishes, how to dress and know their own cultural dressing and costumes, they are been taught their local traditional songs and dance steps.

If is disheartening to see some children as old as 10 years do not know their origin. Some cannot fluently speak their native language. I implore parents to make it a duty to educate your children on the various cultures, customs and traditions they represent. It fosters communal living and unites the family bond.

Thank you to our dear parents / guardians who made such an effort to dress your children in your cultural outfits.

We pride ourselves in our members of staff competencies and adequate skills set for effective classroom management and preparing the children for the day.


Thank you and God bless.

Sr. Bukola Familade










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