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St. Louis Nur/Pry School - Owo

dieu le veult

The today St. Louis Nursery and Primary Owo was founded by Fr. Akinluyi, the Parish priest of St. Francis Catholic church Owo. The school was then called St. David’s Nursery and Primary school, Owo. It started at St. Francis Catholic church Hall in Owaluwa in 1992 with Father Cajetan Famakinwa who was then a seminarian as the headmaster.

In 1993, the sisters of St. Louis were invited to run the school and that was when it was moved to St. Louis Hospital Compound with Sr. Winifred Ojo as the first headmistress. By September that same year, the number of pupils had grown to about one hundred and fifty.

By 1995, the school already had grown into a school to be reckoned with in the Local Government. The school fee was the cheapest of all the fees paid in other private schools in the community and it was known for its high standard, hence admissions into the school became highly competitive. By the time Sr. Christianah Arokoyo became the headmistress, with her hardwork and tireless effort at improving the standard of the school, the number of pupils had increased to over five hundred.

All this while, the school was still on the temporary site given to them by St. Louis Hospital. At a point, the temporary site was so more adequate and suitable for the increasing number of pupils.

In 2006, a new block of classrooms which held eighteen classes was started by the administration of the then headmistress, Rev. Sr. Catherine Fafila and up till now, the school still enjoys the fruit of the undaunted labor of this administration.

Meanwhile, when the new block of classrooms was built, only the pupils in the primary classes were moved to the permanent site as the classroom were still not enough for the entire pupils.

With the arrival of the new headmistress Rev. Sr. Eunice Abiriyi in 2011, the construction of another block of classroom at the permanent site is now in full gear. The school still maintains its high standard and enjoys very good rapport with the parents and the entire community.

As at now, the total number of teaching staff is twenty six and the total number of the non-teaching staff is thirty.


St. Louis Nursery and Primary School, Owo is a Catholic institution, providing quality education to every child of Primary School age using national curriculum, good and qualified teachers in a conducive environment and other stake holders to contribute to the development of the child to make him/her a good citizen


We are committed to a society that is free from decadence where every child had access to holistic and affordable education to enable him/her change the world positively.

Our Core Values

All the activities of the school are underpinned by the value of:

  • Punctuality
  • Cleanliness
  • Discipline
  • Honesty/truthfulness
  • Hard work
  • Unity

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